About us

“The courage of the raindrop drop is that she dares to fall into the desert” 
Lao She

Eilat-Action is the specialist of the desert, organizer of jeep excursions in Eilat for several years. 
Didier was trained with the best guides of the Negev, he is passionate about the fauna, the flora, the archeology, the geology, and the wonderful landscapes of this region.
He travels day after day on the paths and trails of this majestic desert, always surprising, and natural theater of a history of several thousand years old. The Bible tells us that Eilat is one of the stages of the Children of Israel at the time of their exit of Egypt . From the small stroll to the trek of 2 days, there will always be the program of a jeep trek of the adventure , Discoveries, escapades and emotion.

Eilat is located on the southern tip of the State of Israel, on the edge of the Negev Desert, the Arava Valley and the Eilat Mountains, on the shores of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba, Anchored between Egypt and Jordan. Eilat is an island between the desert and the sea . The Syro-African fault dating back more than 20 million years crosses the region, which explains these striking contrasts. The different rocks and minerals of this desert give the mountains a variety of colors. Here, the yellow ocher of the sulfur rubs with the green of the clay and the pink of the sandstone, and the black granite mountains blend harmoniously with the red rocks of iron. 

In 4×4 Land Rover, all roads are allowed, and we will enter the very heart of the Eilat Mountains, from where we can admire breathtaking landscapes . And this is where the mountains of Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Sinai Egyptian meet in a single picture and suddenly, the borders fade… 
Eilat-Action is also the whole range of attractions in Eilat, from the camel ride to water sports, from swimming with dolphins to extreme sports, everything is possible.
Our greatest pleasure is to make you share our passion. Let’s go for a whole world of adventures.