“On the desert, night falls suddenly, as if someone had turned off the light.” 
Joyce Carol Oates

At the gates of the city, the mountains of Eilat rise, rich in contrasts and colors, sumptuous landscapes.
With the jeep we take tracks crossing dried streams, valleys, faults, hills and mountains, to reach geological, historical or archaeological sites. And we take the time to contemplate the splendor of natural scenery, to marvel and take pictures. We cross ibexes, gazelles, dragons of the desert, living in this natural reserve. 
At nightfall we may have the chance to see a wolf, a hyena or a caracal .In the spring, we can admire carpets of wild flowers in the middle of the rock garden like the poppies, the small scented sunflowers, and others .Whatever the season, the acacias mark our way. During various stops, we talk about the fauna and flora of the desert, history several thousand years old, geopolitical situation, development, modernism and the citizens of this region.


Self provide :

"A little stroll"

120 100 shekels / Child
  • We enter the desert by the nahal Roded, or by the nahal Shlomo for a dazzling glimpse of nature around Eilat. We reach a high point offering a view over the city and the bay of Eilat. Here, the desert is a protected nature reserve and the animals live there free.
  • Duration: 2h00

"Let yourself be seduced"

150 130 shekels / Child
  • We cross the Eilat’s Mountains to the top of Mount Yoach to admire a breathtaking panorama of the 3 surrounding countries, the Sinai Desert and Eilat Bay. During sporadic stops we observe the fauna and flora of the Eilat desert, rich and varied.
  • Duration: 3h00

"Sunset in Eilat Mountains"

180 150 shekels / Child
  • The crossing of the Eilat’s Mountains leads us to the top of Mount Yoach to see the sun set in the Sinai Desert. The magical colors of the end of the day dress up the sumptuous landscapes of pink, purple, orange and golden reflections, then we go down to a camp to taste lafotes cooked in wood fire (large round flat bread) accompanied by homemade hummus seasoned Olive oil and zaatar. Installed under the stars we drink a bedouin tea served with baklawas.
  • Duration: 4h00

"Taste the flavors of the desert"

280 250 shekels / Child
  • From the top of Mount Yoach, Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia make up a breathtaking panorama. And suddenly the borders disappear … When the sun sets in the desert of Sinai, the bay of Eilat is tinged with orange pink, the Jordanian mountains blush with a thousand lights, the sky burns and leaves us speechless … Only then, we leave for a small camp where a campfire announces the preparation of a barbecue, skewers, salads, lafotes cooked in wood fire…. A unique moment under a starry sky, as only the desert can offer.
  • Duration: 5h00


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