“The desert was the infinite within the reach of men.”  Maxime Chattam
Visiting the desert by jeep gives access to places almost or not accessible, virgins of any civilization and dazzling beauty, the landscapes that surround us leave us dreamy. To fully enjoy and soak up the power of the desert, you have to walk, breathe and listen to silence, let yourself be surprised by a blue-headed lizard, during his love parade, admire an acacia and guess its robust and deep roots. To let oneself be stunned by the wind, to rely on the infinity of the sky, to feel very small and at the same time privileged.


Self provide :

"The Red Canyon"

180 150 shekels / Child
  • We take the nahal Shlomo, then we drive to Har Yoshafat, the ibexes on the side of the mountain observe our passage and let themselves be photographed, then, by the ancient route of Mecca, we join the nahal Shani where is the Canyon Red. We walk about 20 minutes in the bed of a dry river, then the bed of the river begins a steep descent towards the canyon, a red sandstone gorge about 300 m long and 2 to 4 m wide. We reach the bottom of the gorge with iron bars and small ladders, and we evolve between its flanks composed of magnificent rock formations, with superb colors, going from pink to red, from purple to orange … At the end of the Canyon, we will have descended tens of meters. Going out of the gorge, a trail goes right along the edge giving us a view over the canyon. We take the jeep for a camp and enjoy a tea around a wood fire. (This excursion includes 1 hour trek)
  • Duration: 4h

"The Pillars of Amram"

180 150 shekels / Child
  • We go round the Eilot kibbutz at the exit of Eilat, and we take the nahal Roded. In the middle of this nahal rises a hill from the top of which one can contemplate the immensity of the valley of the Arava, bordered by the Median mountains and the Edom mountains, in front of us extends the city of Eilat And beyond the Gulf of Aqaba also called Eilat Golf, bathed by the blue waters of the Red Sea. Following the nahal Shehoret and the nahal Amir, we arrive at the site of the Pillars of Amram. We walk about 10 minutes to reach the nahal Amram, where majestically stands the imposing columns that constitute the Pillars of Amram. These pillars are a natural phenomenon, many tens of meters high, carved into the sandstone by erosion. Some of these pillars are hollow and we enter it after a little climb. Red sandstone, pink, white limestone, black magma, green rock … our eyes revel in all these nuances intertwined in an immense fresco that nature will have painted for us. Then we take the jeep for a camp and enjoy a tea around a wood fire. (This excursion includes 30 min of trek)
  • Duration: 4h


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